September 2019--Baby Grace

Logan was a little different than our typical patient--she was a volunteer at Options Now before she ever became pregnant.  Logan shares her story here:

"I first found out about Options Now in 2015 when Becky came to speak at my church. I felt the Lord urging me to speak with her, and, when I did, she expressed a need that the clinic had for volunteers. The next day, I went to the clinic to begin volunteer training.  When I first came in for a pregnancy test, I had already been a patient advocate with the clinic for almost 3 years. My husband and I had gotten married about 6 months prior and had been fervently praying for God to bless us with a child since.  I definitely intended to carry and parent. I feel that being a wife and mother has always been my calling.  Being on the other side of the advocate room was an answered prayer for me. I had been working with these great women of God for years now and to finally be able to confirm and share this amazing news with them was definitely the most memorable part of my visit! Their support and excitement meant the world to me!"

Sweet baby Grace is a favorite visitor around the office at Options Now!  Logan continues:  "Baby Grace just recently turned 7 months old. She is the happiest baby that I’ve ever seen! She has impeccable eye contact, which makes some people uncomfortable, and her communication skills are out of this world! She has learned to babble, crawl, pull up, and stand. She is growing up much too fast for this mama’s heart to handle, but we are so thankful that God gifted this precious life to us. She makes our family feel complete."

Because Logan has worked with our patients at Options Now, we asked her what she would say to a woman who found herself unexpectedly pregnant.  Logan said, "I know my situation is a bit different from many of those who enter the clinic. My husband and I did choose to abstain from sex until marriage, and we were very much wanting to be parents as soon as the time was right. However, to those who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant, I would say that it’s all part of a much larger plan. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when the course of your life takes such an unexpected turn, but there are resources and there are people who care so genuinely who want to expose you to those resources. You’re not alone and you don’t have to do anything alone."

Logan had a message for Options Now supporters who help keep Options Now services free in the community:  "To those who donate to this ministry: thank you. Each one of you is a hero in your own way. While volunteering at Options Now, the number one thing that people wanted to know was how much our services were going to cost. I have seen tears fill women’s eyes after finding out that they don’t owe us anything for their visit. In most cases, they arrive in such a vulnerable, and sometimes hopeless, state. To find out that we truly are just here to help and listen and guide them through this difficult time in their life is such a huge relief for many of the patients. It gives me one less thing to worry about, and that is such an important part of the Options Now ministry."