September 2018-Strickland Family


This month's story is a little different...instead of having one or two babies featured, we get to enjoy a whole page full of faces in the month of September!  Takiyah and her husband have five children:  Malik (9), Morgen (7), Mason (3), Melanie (1), and  Miles (7  months old).  This close, strong family is an inspiration to us, and we wanted to share their story. 

Takiyah shares her story:  "Before coming to Options Now I only had 2 children.  With my 3rd pregnancy, I was excited but didn’t have any support from family besides my husband so I turned to Options Now where they gave me spiritual support and one-on-one support!"  Takiyah found Options Now by driving by the building, and she said that on her first visit, "My first impression was shocking.  I couldn’t believe how supportive these ladies were.  I was very impressed with Mrs. Tammy...she made me feel like everything would be ok.  I never felt so comfortable telling anyone anything until I met her!"

Takiyah's story continues... "About 1 year after having Mason, I got pregnant again unexpectedly, angry & bitter because I didn’t want any more kids.  I stressed and worried about what everyone would think until I was like 3 months pregnant.  I ended up having a miscarriage and that took a huge toll on my life!  I felt so bad I felt like it was my fault, so once again I turned to Options Now, who supported me with the loss of that baby, I was soooo impressed that they offered to listen to me mourn this loss!"  Fast forward to a some months after that miscarriage there I was pregnant AGAIN asking god why? I had just suffered a miscarriage I was scared the same thing would happen, Tammy prayed with me and told me god has a plan, she made me feel like everything would be ok this time, the ultrasound tech at options now was able to assure me the baby was growing correct, just like Tammy said God had a plan.  Well my rainbow baby ended up being our first and only daughter.  Words can’t describe how excited we were!" (And that little Melanie is the cutest little thing you've ever seen.  She was a ham at our photo shoot!

Takiyah also had another baby, little Miles, who was a complete miracle.  Being born 2 months premature, we are grateful that he is doing well now.  Takiyah shares, "Life now with 5 kids has been hectic but I’m Thankful for these kids, I’ve learned to shower them with love and God will take care of the rest!  I would advise any woman needing support whether you’re married or not to consider Options Now! This place has a huge place in our life, they have helped us so much and I can’t thank them enough!!! I want to specially thank Mrs Tammy for everything she’s taught me, I love her."