October 2018--Gabe

Brittany came to Options Now because she didn't have health insurance to cover maternity & prenatal care during her pregnancy.  She was in need of support and direction to physicians who might work with her without insurance coverage.  She found out about Options Now through one of her husband's coworkers, and she came into the office for her appointment. 

Brittany also had an ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy.  Of her visit, she said, "The facility is beautiful and the staff were warm and welcoming.  They listened to our concerns and gave us advice on finding an Ob/Gyn that would be willing to work with us."  Brittany's pregnancy was fairly smooth and now, she tells us her adorable son Gabe is, "four years old, very smart and eager to learn.  He likes to play outside, color, and watch Cars (the movie)."  Brittany also encourages other women to schedule an appointment at Options Now if are in need of support.  She said, "they are friendly, understanding and willing to help in any way they can."