Jordan & Kynnedi

Esa came to Options Now in a crisis.  She didn't have the support she had hoped for.  She felt like she was drowning in circumstances and decisions and emotions.  Esa already had a child...she wasn't sure she could support two children on her own.  Esa came to Options Now to talk through her options, and eventually chose to continue her pregnancy.  Her road hasn't been easy...Kynnedi was born weighing less than 4 pounds.  But through the whole experience--from pregnancy test to diapers and wipes an emotional support--Options Now has been here for her, stood by her, supported her in every single way possible.  

Now, seeing those baby smiles from that adorable little lady, Esa has a different perspective on her situation.  She has walked through some difficult roads, but she is stronger now because of it.  She is a confident mother.  She is proud of her children, proud of the family she has.  She knows the road won't always be easy, but she is never alone.