November 2016--Emilee

by Laura Knox, Options Now staff

Emilee, in one word, is just FUN!  Her photoshoot was FUN. Her mom, Cheryl, tagged along and it was evident that they truly love being together.  They laughed, they joked...and I guarantee none of the smiles were forced at this photo shoot!




It is rare to be able to share a story like Cheryl's...a story that goes back to nearly the beginning of Options Now.  We recorded her story to be able to share it in her own words.

As Options Now celebrates 25 years since its doors first opened on November 6, 1991, we see so much of our history in Cheryl's story...and we also see so much fruit.  Through heartache & pain, God has brought so much fruit to Cheryl's life--including her incredible gift, Emilee. Emilee also represents thousands of babies who have been born because of the work of Options Now.  These aren't just babies anymore, though--they are adults, young professionals, blue collar workers, college students, high school graduates, GED students, middle schoolers, elementary students, preschoolers, and toddlers.  They are individuals with their own stories & their own journeys. We celebrate these little lives that are growing up--but we also celebrate lives like Cheryl's that have been transformed. Cheryl found healing from past sexual abuse...others have found healing from past abortions...others have found salvation & forgiveness from sin...and we know there are many others like Cheryl who have been impacted by Options Now in the past 25 years.


Has Options Now impacted your family?  Has your journey included Options Now? We are always collecting stories to encourage our staff, to share with our donors, and even for future calendars.  Would you be willing to share your story? Touch base with Options Now 229.333.0080 or email to share your story. Let your story make a difference in the life of another!


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P.S. I was able to photograph Emilee later as she prepared for her graduation from dental hygiene school.  And she graduated in May AND passed the very rigorous National Boards this summer! We are so proud of you, Emilee!