May 2017--Eli

This adorable little guy showed up at our partner photographer, Wes Sewell's studio with a huge smile & nailed his photoshoot in about four seconds.


Eli's mom, Nicole, initially reached out to me through a Facebook message with the desire to share her story.  She had a unique situation, not a common one for our patients, but she told us her story in her own words:


"I had always seen the show 'I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant' and laughed. How in the world do those women not know they are pregnant?? But here I was, staring at a positive pregnancy test and knowing that I was AT LEAST six months pregnant. Panicked. Not able to get into a doctor's office for an ultrasound for at least another 3 weeks. Absolutely sick with worry about the health of the baby I didn't even know I had been carrying. I walked into the O.N clinic and explained my situation. No judgement. No raised eyebrows. No uncomfortable questions. Just love. Acceptance. Reassurance. And PRAYER!!! I was given an ultrasound and pretty much told I could go into labor at any minute but that my baby looked healthy. That his/her heart was beating strong. Meet Eli Patrick. Born May 14. (a month after that ultrasound) 10lbs 4ozs!!!! And absolute perfection. This clinic saves lives. This clinic eases pain. This clinic calms panic in a storm. Please.... Donate. Shop at Repeat Boutique. Pray for them. They do a wonderful thing."


Regardless of a woman's situation, Options Now has love, acceptance, and help to offer.  No judgement, no rejection.  Just love and truth.


Nicole mentioned shopping at the Repeat Boutique--we do appreciate the community's support of our two locations (285 Norman Drive and 422A Northside Drive)!  From donors to shoppers to volunteers, the Repeat Boutique helps fund Options Now.  By shopping, donating, and volunteering with Repeat Boutique, you can help Options Now continue to provide services to women at no charge.  Thank you for your continued support!