May 2016--Jabez & Myracle

jabez myracle web
by Laura Knox, Options Now staff


Dressed for their photoshoot in bright, cheery red, Tan & her children were just perfect for our May calendar page.  We met one of our partner photographers, Christopher Fricks of Fricks Photography, downtown for some great alley shots.  The flowers blooming in the background were the perfect backdrop for this little family's photos.

tan & kids web

Jabez & Myracle's mom, Tan, was a patient of mine years ago, and we have kept in touch over the years.  Tan has worked off & on at Repeat Boutique Thrift Stores over the years, and I'd bump into her when I was in the store working with the manager on marketing strategy.  We'd chat and try to catch up, but I had not seen her children in person in years. That tiny little Myracle next to her big grown-up was overwhelming to me.  Because just the other day, it seems, Jabez looked a little something like this:

Jabez web


Tan was in one of the patient videos we produced when I was working at Options Now full-time in the early 2000s, and I thought it would be neat to dust that video off, digitize it, and give Tan's story to you in her own words.  (Tan's testimony starts at 1:16, but the whole video is really good!)



That was eleven or so years ago...and admittedly, life has not been easy for Tan. She has faced some crushing blows, painful family losses, and a rocky road.  We at Options Now would be foolish if we thought every patient who walked out of our doors after choosing life for their babies would walk a path of roses for the rest of their lives.  In fact, the opposite is generally true.  We walk with them through pregnancy & help connect them to resources in the community, but ultimately, many of our patients face a very difficult road ahead of them.


Our Change For Life campaign starts on Mother's Day.  It is an annual fundraising event, and it is a great way for us to help people in our community to find out more about Options Now.  But as important as the financial contributions are to the ministry, the most powerful part of the Change For Life campaign is having thousands of baby bottles out in our community with prayer tags attached.


Having our patients & their babies prayed for by thousands of members of our community is the most powerful thing we can do for our patients as they walk an arduous road.  So thank you for your prayers on behalf of patients like Tan & her children.  Thank you for praying not only for women who walk in our doors considering abortion as their only option, but also for praying for women after they have made that decision for Life.


If your church isn't participating in Change For Life, it's not too late!  If you have a Sunday School group, a community group, a scout troop, a civic organization, or another group, you can participate in Change For Life.  Contact Options Now at 229.333.0080 for more info on picking up bottles!