March 2019--Baby Colton

Baby Colton's mom, Kendra, found out about Options Now at church and came to our office for a pregnancy test.  About her situation, Kendra said, "I was living with a roommate going to college for nursing. Had no idea what I was gonna do with a baby and how I was going to support a kid and what my parents were going to say or how they were going to react. I at first wasn't sure about keeping the baby and was seriously thinking about abortion, but Im so thankful that I chose life because the Lord blessed me with a sweet baby boy I would not wanna live without and I do everything I can to support and I know God will provide and make a way when there seems to be no way! I can do all things through christ who gives me strength! Phillipians 4:13"

Kendra remembers the "Amazing staff member and just the love they showed me!" during her first visit, and she was faithful to come for ultrasound, education, & support appointments.

Kendra's baby, Colton, is a cutie and Kendra said, "He is now almost 3 months old and he is the most handsome little boy and very healthy. Colton weighs 14 pounds and loves to smile, loves his mommy and his nana, is spoiled rotten being only boy in family, and his favorite thing to do is eat!" 

When asked what she would say to a woman contemplating abortion, Kendra said, "Never give up because the Lord will make a way. He is a way maker. A baby is never a mistake, accident, or a burden. A baby is a miracle, a blessing, and a gift from the Lord!" 

Kendra had a message for Options Now's donors, who keep their services free of charge in our community: "Keep doing what you are doing the Lord will bless you beyond what you can imagine or think. Thank you and this wouldn't be possible without you. Many lives have been changed and saved through your giving."

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