March 2018--Johnny

Heyward came to Options Now as a high school student.  She shared her story with us:  "Before Options Now, I was overwhelmed. Being a highschool student who just got accepted to college, I didn’t know how I was going to fit a baby into my life. It was not part of the plan I had. I had heard about Options Now on the radio a few times.  When I first came in, I was greeted by very friendly staff and a nice waiting room. I immediately felt like I was in a safe and welcoming place. The most memorable part to me was seeing the ultrasound for the first time. There’s a big difference between seeing a positive pregnancy test and seeing the actual baby that’s inside you. What meant the most to me was how every person I met seemed to genuinely care about me and my baby, and they all wanted to help me more than anything.

Johnny is a very active almost one year old! He is very friendly, and smiles at everyone he meets. He learns something new every day, and his latest trick is clapping. My life is so much sweeter with him in it.

If you are trying to decide what to do about a pregnancy, go ahead and go to Options Now! Finding out about a pregnancy, especially an unplanned one, can be very scary and confusing. Having the people at Options Now to support you and love you and your baby makes it not so scary."

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