March 2017--Hunter


by Laura Knox, Options Now Staff

Spring is on its way, and this little photo shoot is a great way to kick off spring!

Hunter and his family were a delight to work was fun to take a few shots of this adorable little guy.

Hunter's mom, Kayla, said, "I used the Clinic with Hunter.  He was my first child and waiting to get in with a doctor's office was scary because I had so many questions.  The people at the clinic were very nice and answered all of my questions.  They offered me classes that helped me learn about babies and crying when you bring them home!"

We love it when patients take us up on our offer to learn more about their babies & how to be parents.  In 2016, we had 35 women complete our education program and earn a brand new carseat for free.  That's 35 families that start out on better footing because they were equipped with support,

Kayla went on to say, "I loved the experience so much that I came back to them seven years later when I found out I was pregnant with my second child."

And speaking of that second child...he's a cutie!  He was having a tough afternoon, so we weren't able to get many photos of him.  But we got a few!

We tried to get one of the boys together, but the baby gave Hunter a little right hook!  Hunter was a good sport about it though!

It was so sweet to see this little family interacting...


We love to be part of strengthening families--and you can join us!  We order our patients' carseats from Walmart, so consider donating or collecting Walmart gift cards to help Options Now provide new families with a carseat.  Helping a new family have the equipment, support, and education they need to start out on the right foot for their life together is our highest goal--to strengthen our community, one family at a time, one life at a time.


For more information on how you can provide tangible support for Options Now patients, contact Center Director, Maryann Meli.  She can be reached at