June 2017--Damaria

Damaria & her family came to a farm out in the north end of Lowndes County for our photo shoot, and it was about to POUR!  Damaria's mother, Frederica, had worked so hard to get her three little girls looking so cute, and I felt terrible that we had to rush through our photo shoot.  But, with a huge pending storm, we got what we could and got out of there!

There is so much I could say about this family.  Not every story we tell here includes the father of the baby.  Sometimes that just isn't the reality.  For this family, however, Damaria's father is very involved in the family.  Damaria, Dashara, and Dream are so blessed to have Danny as their father.  And I've been so blessed to see Frederica become an involved parent & a devoted wife.  The family lives in Savannah now & made the time to come visit family so that we could document them in the calendar.  Frederica and Danny are engaged and we love to watch these girls grow and their family flourish.

When a mom comes into Options Now, she is able to bring the father of the baby with her so that BOTH parents can be prepared.  If they complete their parenting classes, they are given a brand new carseat as a celebration of them preparing themselves to be parents.  There are gift bags along the way of brand new baby items to continue to tell women, "You can do this.  We believe in you."  We always encourage the fathers to come to appointments, giving extra Repeat Boutique gift certificates when the fathers come to the appointments.  It's our heart that families grow together.


Would you like to get involved with encouraging men to be part of the picture?  We have a heart for a men's program to help men become the best fathers they can be.  Please contact maryann@optionsnow.org or call (229) 333-0080 for more info!


Would you like to help us give those incentives to women & families as they complete their parenting classes?  From Walmart gift cards to help us order new carseats, to new onesies, diapers, and wipes, these items are sometimes donated by church groups, Sunday school classes, or families as a tangible way to support our patients.  Please reach out to maryann@optionsnow.org for more info if you would like to contribute to these incentives & gifts to our patients!