June 2016--Maverick

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by Laura Knox, Options Now staff

Maverick's family stopped in Valdosta on their way home from a trip to Disney World last fall.  We met in the park on a Saturday morning to catch up & shoot a few photos. Heather had been my patient years ago after finding out she was pregnant while in graduate school, and we recorded her story in her own words in one of our past videos:


In the video, Heather discusses how certain she was after she saw Maverick via ultrasound.  But make no mistake: Heather's decision to give Maverick life was not an easy decision. Though they turned away from abortion, the road Heather & Jonathan traveled was anything but easy.  Their first year of marriage coincided with pregnancy & a newborn...hardly an easy beginning to marriage. Heather spent her time between graduate classes nursing her baby or pumping to provide a bottle during her next class.  But through the support of Options Now, family in the area, and loyal friends in her graduate program, Heather did reach her goal. And now, years later, there is so much joy in this family:

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Heather and Jonathan have two additional children, Brooklyn & Phoenix, and they now live in Atlanta.  Heather & Jonathan both work in schools and serve in their church together. They love the Lord, and they are raising their children to love and honor Him.  All those sacrifices from years ago seem like a distant memory, and they were most definitely worth it to have the family they have today.


We are thankful for brave young women like Heather who make sacrifices and choose the difficult path of carrying a baby to term.  However, we are well aware that many of our local university students have transportation, resources, and easy access to abortion either back home or in Jacksonville.  When women select Valdosta State and moves to our community, Options Now feels it is important that we reach out to women on these campuses before they find themselves in a difficult spot and turn to an abortionist.  Through increased marketing on campus, our beautiful building in close proximity to campus, and reaching out to student groups with our Choose Now curriculum, we want to be be a trusted resource on campus to help women like Heather in their moment of need.

Will you partner with us to help us reach our university population?  We need volunteers, donors, community partners with connections to Valdosta State, and more.  Contact Maryann at 333-0080 to chat about ways you can make a difference in the lives of women like Heather.  You can also donate here.


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