July 2019--Kaiyleanna

Alyssa came to Options Now after hearing about us from her sister.  About her pregnancy with Kaiyleanna, Alyssa said, "Everything was okay. Around 4 months pregnant with my daughter I found out she had down syndrome and was asked if I wanted to go through with my pregnancy. I said 'Of course I do, she's still my baby. She is perfect to me.'  She is 4 years old now. She is growing up so fast. She started school when she was 3. She still can not talk but she is in speech therapy to learn. She can do a few signs for us to let us know what she wants. She's a very smart little girl."

Alyssa wanted to share with other women in her same position, who are contemplating visiting Options Now: "There will always be someone there for you to talk to. This is an amazing support system. Everyone is very nice and will talk to you if you need someone to talk to.  Being pregnant isnt easy but it is a blessing.....It really is. My daughter is a blessing I'm very lucky to have her."

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