July 2018--Noah & Nova

Sarah was 17 and pregnant.  She knew that her mother would support her regardless, but it was still scary to be in high school, unmarried, and so young.  Sarah saw an ad for Options Now on a park bench, and came in for an appointment.  During her visit, she said the ladies in the office put her at ease and didn't judge her, and her ultrasound helped her to see what was going on in her own body.  

Sarah named her baby girl Nova Skye.  Nova is now 4.

Sarah came back to Options Now when she was pregnant with her little boy, Noah Alexander. 

We tried to get a photo for the calendar of the two of them together, but Noah was in a stage of life when he loved to pull his sister's long hair. 

I asked Sarah to tell me about her babies now that they're growing up.  She said, "They are the best things that have ever happened to me! They are my sunshines! They have had such a huge effect on me and others in my life that it's impossible to not realize what a blessing they are.  They make me smile every day and it's not easy all the time but they make life worth living for sure. Nova is in pre-k and Noah is attached at the hip always."