July 2017--Talasha, A'nyleon, & Kyle


We met in a field with partner photographer, Lindsay Colson, of Captured By Colson.  The evening light was perfect and the subjects were adorable...these three siblings and their mom, Taffiney, have a special bond that we are happy to highlight this month.


Taffiney was very young when she first came to Options Now...a very young teen.  She had a lot of growing up to do to handle the responsibility of being a mother, and she hasn't ever had an easy road.  But one thing is for certain--as Taffiney has learned to lean on God, He has transformed her life.  And Options Now has been there for her along the way, supporting her & referring her to other programs that could also help her along the path.

Taffiney with her youngest son, Kylen

Tiffany spoke in her own words when I asked her about Options Now's impact in her journey: "I would love to give a special thanks to Mrs.Tammy who has  helped me sooo much along the way.  Because i am a single mom of 3 and she has always been a listening ear and encouraged me so much."  And Tammy has raved and raved about the dramatic transformation in Taffiney's life over the years.  Tammy connected Taffiney with the Living Bridges program, which Taffiney credits with motivating her to finally pursue her GED.  We are SO PROUD of her for taking this step & so thankful that we have been able to be a cheerleader in her corner through this journey!


And look at these children...

That is Options Now's job--to be there for women in their most stressful moments, to encourage & cheer them on as they begin an unexpected journey, and to direct them toward resources & programs that can help them grow in the specific plan God has for each one.

Do you know of a resource or ministry that could be of benefit to our patients?  Does your church have a program that could help our patients?  Would your Sunday school class throw a "baby shower" for Options Now to help provide diapers & newborn items that we give to our patients to encourage them in a tangible way during their monthly appointments?  Email maryann@optionsnow.org for more details!

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