February 2017--Landon

Landon showed up to his photoshoot with little khaki pants & button down oxford cloth shirt on...and a smile that would light up even the worst day.  Our partner photographer for the day was Lindsay Colson with Captured by Colson, and our smiles were as big as Landon's as he grinned for the camera.

Landon's mother, Franchesca, was 22 when she came to Options Now.  She had broken up with Landon's father and was living on her own, working and going to school.  She came to Options Now after a positive pregnancy test, and began meeting regularly for discipleship with one of our patient advocates.  Franchesca said, "She helped me forgive myself because I was thoroughly depressed about being pregnant.  I felt like a failure and came in with the idea that I wanted to terminate the pregnancy.  But God gave her the right words and right prayers to save me from myself."

"She told me that I was hard. And it was because I had to be, but she wanted me to be free of the burden of worry and let my hair down in that room of prayer. And then the waterworks started! I had held on to the tough act for too long. Seeing my baby's heartbeat on that ultrasound made me realize that I had another option.."


I asked Franchesca to tell me a little about Landon in her words: "Landon! He is a beacon of light. He literally brings joy to everyone who knows him. He's intelligent, and handsome."

I asked Franchesca what she would say to donors who help make Options Now services available at no charge to women.  She said, "I would say give because you are saving more than one life, you are apart of reviving someones outlook on life, you are providing those good stewards the opportunity to encourage women in need."


I asked her what she would say to a woman contemplating coming to Options Now--she responded,  "Keep an open mind. It's a judge free zone. Be prepared to cry it out and receive the blessings. God will not and has not forsaken you."

Options Now services are provided completely free of charge to women in our community, but only because of the support of donors in the community who give generously to provide for women during a time of uncertainty.  You can join us in our work, helping women like Franchesca.