December 2019--Jalen

Jalen's mom, Alvanti, came to Options Now just before her senior year in high school.  She came for a pregnancy test, and she describes the environment that day as "friendly, caring, & safe."  It's hard to believe that little baby Jalen is now all grown up and just a few months shy of his own high school graduation.

When asked about her son, Alvanti explained, "Jalen is now 17 years old! He’s finishing his last year of high school, and he graduates May 2019. He is also a licensed and ordained Elder at his church. He works closely with other young leaders in the community starting organization that will help empower a generation of young leaders. Jalen is a born leader, you’ll soon see his name everywhere in the world!"


We asked Alvanti what she would say to a woman who found herself unexpectedly pregnant:  "I would tell them to live. Many young girls see pregnancy as a death sentence. The death sentence is not that they are going to physically die. It refers to when they stop dreaming, setting goals and start seeing the pregnancy as failure. I would say dream bigger and pray more. Your children will learn from that drive and never stop believing that they can succeed."

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