December 2018

Baby Atlas...

Baby Atlas was our theme baby for 2017.  He was featured on the cover of our calendar and was such a sweet little bundle.  We love to post updates, so this year we brought Atlas back!  This time, with his little brother August.  Hayley, the boys' mother, shares her story:

"I had just graduated college in 2014 and had been working my first "real" job for a couple months. On New Year's Day 2015, I married my boyfriend of 5 years, Jordan. In March my insurance at work would start, but we found out at the beginning of February that I was expecting. I was in disbelief even after several home tests one Sunday while Jordan and I were off work, so I set up an appointment online with Options now for the next day."  Hayley explained that she lived near Options Now, so she drove by it often.  Hayley shared that she felt comfortable with Options Now when questions would come up between her OB-GYN appointments.  The staff was warm and welcoming and helped her feel less concerned about the typical process of pregnancy.

At the time of these photos, Atlas was a little over two years old.  Atlas now has a little brother, August.  Hayley said, "They are best friends just as, or better than, we'd always hoped. Atlas is the best big brother hugging, sharing and playing with "Auggie" straight from the hospital. Auggie doesn't like learning like Atlas did when he was this age, instead he likes keeping up with Atlas. He's very active crawling and climbing early and chasing big brother in his walker." 

Hayley shares that she recommends Options Now to others, saying "They cater to a personal and emotional side of the process of pregnancy that doctors don't always have the time for. First time pregnancies, especially unexpected, are as much emotional as they are medically involved and Options Now can help on both fronts." 

We love updates on our calendar babies, and we love being able to show our supporters our little ones as they grow!