December 2017--Ricky Jr.















Ricky's December photo went on our Christmas card, but we also had took some photos of him with his mom that we wanted to share, along with her story:

"My name is Stephany.  I am twenty eight years old and I have been lavished with Grace. At nineteen years old, I made a decision to have an abortion. That choice would haunt me and caused deep shame in my life. From that point, my own life did not matter to me any longer and led me to a path of destruction. At twenty one, I was court-ordered into a program also known as God's rescue mission.  From there I gained a solid foundation through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Four years later, I met the man God chose for me and a year later we experienced a miscarriage. Having that miscarriage produced a deep root of fear and feelings of unworthiness. With two children in heaven, finding out I was pregnant with little Ricky was when God began to heal those wounds in my life. I immediately had to know if this child had a beating heart, and Options Now was the safe place God used to settle the range of emotions i was dealing with. I am so thankful for the body of Christ at the Clinic and how understanding and genuine their care was."

Stephany's past abortion held her back and set her life on a destructive path.  Unfortunately, she is not alone.  Women all over our community need healing from their past abortions, and Options Now provides that through their program, Embracing Freedom.  These small groups walk confidentially through coming to peace with past abortions and being free to move toward healing.  For more information, contact