December 2016--Chloe



Our photoshoot for our December calendar page wasn't like the others.  It was beautiful, but completely different. Chloe's parents entered the studio that morning with a bit of apprehension, but our partner photographer, Lisa Hannan, welcomed them with open arms.


The photography session itself was so beautiful.  Lisa took such care with the couple, and God's peace was thick in that place.  I was in tears from the love and beauty in that room that day. Holding a photo of your daughter is not the "family photo" anyone would look forward to, but Maya and Doug were willing to share their story anyway.


Maya shared her story in a video we produced years ago, and we dusted it off & digitized it this spring.

About a year & a half after this video, when Chloe was 3, she passed away.  Her life was short and difficult. Maya & Doug's experiences as parents were difficult and pain-filled.  Their grief over the past decade has been hard to live through. Our culture would say that Chloe's life wasn't worth the pain her parents endured.


But do you know what we know at Options Now?  Chloe's life was precious. During her short life, she was cherished, loved, and valued.  She still is cherished, loved, and valued.  When I sent the video link to Maya just before Mother's Day, she said it was the first time she had heard Chloe's voice in over ten years.  Just like any mom, she was overjoyed to hear her daughter's voice, to see her daughter captured on film.

When our culture indicates that a child like Chloe isn't "worth the pain," please remember Chloe.  Remember her mother's fierce love. Remember that Maya never regretted choosing life for Chloe, and Maya's life is better because she was honored to be known as Chloe's mom.


Our culture often sees life as valuable only if it isn't inconvenient.  Options Now desires to change our culture. This happens one heart change at a time.  If you'd like to help us change hearts & minds, we'd love to have you join the team! Call Maryann at 333-0080 to find out more!


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