August 2019--Jacob

Shelly came to Options Now as a 23 year old college student.  She had found out about Options Now (then known as Pregnancy Support Center) from Jean Jack.  She wasn't in a relationship with the father of the baby & she was unsure of what she should do.  She knew that she should carry the baby to term, but she needed support.  She came for pregnancy testing, but ended up also participating in parenting curriculum and ongoing support during her pregnancy.

Twenty-one years later, Jacob is married with a baby on the way.  Shelly is so proud of him & calls him "an absolute blessing."  You can see Jacob with, along with his wife Ronneaq below, along with some photos of Jacob & his mom at the bottom.  

When thinking of other women in the same position, Shelly wanted to share:  "There is hope and God's love is waiting for you at Options Now. Do NOT give up."  Shelly came to work for Options Now about a year ago, and in her postion as Community Relations Assistant, she pours her heart for women into her job everyday.  By helping share our mission with the community, raise awareness, and organize fundraising campaigns, Shelly is helping other women like her find out about Options Now's services & she's helping communicate with donors who help us keep our services free of charge.  It's a beautiful full-circle story, and we're glad Shelly was willing to share her story here...

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