August 2018--Carson

When Patricia came to Options Now, she was very happy in her relationship with her fiance, now her husband.  Having a baby was not in their plans at the time, but when she became pregnant, she found Options Now through a google search.  When recounting her initial visit, Patricia said, " My first impression was a good one. Walking in the receptionist was nice enough to squeeze me in an appt that someone missed. The lobby was very peaceful.  I never actually expected...the staff to be so caring."  

Patricia shared about her son, "Our son Carson will be 2 months old tomorrow!  Boy has he grown since birth. He was 6 pounds 2 oz at birth and we hadn't had 2 month appt yet to know his current weight but we believe he at least around 10 pounds now.  He is such a good baby and joy to our life. He only cry when hungry and loves to eat. He sleeps well at night. I have say he is the most handsome and beautiful baby i have seen in long time and not just because he is mine but we also get this everywhere we go. It's just unbelievable I made him...sometimes i just look at him like wow he is mine!"

Patricia's advice to other women who think they might be pregnant is to make an appointment with Options Now.  She said, "I was very nervous going in but came out calm and happy."