Last fall, I met up with Kris and her kids at her mother's house in Quitman.  It was a warm, sunny day and we had a great time catching up.   Grace & her brother, Jack, showed me their grandmother's beautiful yard & all of their favorite spots, and I enjoyed getting to know them.  Even though I had seen Grace & Jack through the years in photos, it was a joy to see these siblings in person.

Kris came to Options Now as a college student, and she sat across from an Options Now advocate as her entire world came crashing down.  A pregnancy was not part of her would she tell her family?  What would happen to her plans for her future?  As Kris faced these weighty questions, her advocate did what our advocates are trained to do:  to love, listen, and educate.  Through an ultrasound and walking through her own decision-making process, Kris eventually held  her baby in her arms.  That little baby is now a beautiful middle schooler, beloved daughter, and joy to all who know her.

That's not the end of the story for this family, though.  Grace's mother and father married and eventually added Jack to their family.  His smile is as joyful and contagious as his sister's.

Grace and Jack have a special bond--they are adorable siblings.  God has multiplied the joy in this family because of one very difficult decision many years ago.

College students will begin pouring into Valdosta this week.  Options Now was there for Kris when her life plans fell apart.  Will you help us be there for a new generation of college students?  By giving to Options Now, you help ensure that we can continue to provide services free of charge to women in our community.  You can donate HERE or contact for info on volunteering!

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