August 2016--Mason


mason web

by Laura Knox, Options Now staff

Mason was one of our first photo shoots last fall, and he was a perfect angel.  Wearing his little plaid shirt and denim shorts, he acted like such a big boy while Options Now partner photographer, Wes Sewell, photographed him.


Mason's mother, Takiyah, came to Options Now unsure about bringing another baby into the world.  Financial pressures made Takiyah question whether another baby would tip the scales in her life. But as she met with Options Now staff, Takiyah began to see her situation differently.  Takiyah shared in her own words, "They made me very comfortable on making a descion. I decided to carry Mason and give him the joy of life itself. I wanted him to know what love feels like!  Two years later I'm still astonished at how much joy he's given our family!!!! Thanks soooooooo much for everything."


Takiyah continued to share her story since Mason's birth, "I've had one miscarriage and a rainbow baby after that miscarriage (Melanie Faith)!!!!! I have more than a story with Options Now I have a testimony!!!! Special thanks to Ms. Tammy for all you have done for me and my family! I can come to you and talk to you about any of my problems and not be judged.  For that I'm sooooo grateful!!!!! You are a blessing from God--we love you!!!!!"


We are grateful to Takiyah for bravely sharing her story.  Takiyah is just one of many women who find love, support, and hope for the journey when they walk through the doors at Options Now.  Whether financial concerns, relationship struggles, or pressure from outside influences, Options Now advocates help women cut through their murky situations to see them from God's perspective...and to help women walk through the struggles ahead.  We can't take our patients' struggles away, but we can help point women back to Jesus as we hold their hands on the journey.


Do you love women?  Do you have a heart for women who need a little direction in life?  Do you have a testimony of your own that would encourage those walking a difficult road?  Is God calling you to join our patient advocate team? Contact Maryann Meli at to find out more about our application process and join the team!  God blesses all of our efforts together to make Options Now a blessing in the lives of women like Takiyah.


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