April 2019--Cameron

Xaviera came to Options Now after finding out about our services online.  She is a college student and was in the process of saving up for a car when she found out about her pregnancy.  Xaviera intended to have an abortion.  Through the services she had at Options Now, including pregnancy testing and ultrasound, Xaviera realized she could carry her baby to term.  When asked what she would say to another woman who is contemplating abortion, she said, "Having your baby is not as hard as you think."

Xaviera and Cameron's father, David, are smitten with this little fella.  It was so obvious in the way they interacted during the photo shoot that they adore this child.  Xaviera said, "Cameron is so smart and advanced for his age. He loves to sit in his swing and watch Paw Patrol. Cameron is turning on his back now and coos with others as if he knows what we are talking about!"

When asked what she would say to donors who help keep Options Now's services free of charge in the community, Xaviera said, "This free clinic is very helpful and we actually need more locations!"

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