April 2016--Isabella

izzy web
by Laura Knox, Options Now staff

Isabella...now, this girl came in the room with style!  From the moment Isabella came in the beautiful Lisa Hannan Fine Art Photography studio, we knew this photo shoot was going to be fun.  Isabella was initially a little wary of all the lights and equipment, but once she was comfortable and got her bearings, then she was 100% toddler-on-the-move.  There's a particular age when toddlers don't stay where you put them anymore...and Isabella was just getting to that age!


This photo shoot was so much fun for me...just a year & a half before, I had interviewed Isabella's mother, Jasmine, for a video shoot.  Some of you may remember Izzy & Jasmine from that patient testimony video...Izzy was just 4 weeks old and such a sweet little bundle during our interview.  Jasmine shared her story at the very beginning of her motherhood journey, and you can hear her story in her own words here:

Now, a year & a half later, sleepy little baby Izzy was a busy big girl!  She was absolutely adorable with her big purple bow and her gorgeous eyes.  Jasmine is now working hard to be a good mama for her daughter, even though that means working long hours and being away from Izzy more than she would like.


Remembering Jasmine's story from her video, her realization that abortion was so easily accessible to her...it is sobering to think that this beautiful photo almost didn't happen.

jasmine izzy web

There are so many women like Jasmine in our community...young women who need support & guidance in life, but who don't always know where to turn.  Jasmine's mother had passed away, but Jasmine had a friend she was living with, Pastor Johanna, who helped her find Options Now. How will other women find Options Now?


We work very hard to keep our marketing expenditures very low, but sometimes we have to use paid advertising to reach our target audience.  Those expenses are worth every penny if they help women find Options Now, and you can contribute toward our marketing strategy by donating here.  But another way we can keep our expenses low is for us to speak in the community.  The more people who are aware of Options Now & our services, the more ambassadors we have in the community who can reach women like Jasmine at their point of need.  Pastor Johanna knew of Options Now & she insisted Jasmine come in. That relationship, that point of contact, that trusted friend...made all the difference in Jasmine coming to Options Now.  Each of us has a group--a social group, a community group, a church group or bible study--if each of your friends were equipped with info about Options Now, think of how many ambassadors Options Now would have moving about our community, ready to tell women in distress that there is a place to go to find hope & help!  Would your group allow a representative from Options Now to come speak at your monthly meeting? A special event? Would your group like to hold your meeting at Options Now in our beautiful conference room? We would love to talk with you about ways your group could partner with Options Now. Contact Maryann Meli at 229.333.0080 for more information.


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