7 Ideas for #GivingEveryday


Options Now is hosting an online event we’re calling #GivingEveryday.  After Black Friday & Cyber Monday, many nonprofits participate in #GivingTuesday on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving as a way to offset the commercialism of the season.  But our volunteers & supporters don’t just give on a Tuesday…we are #GivingEveryday!  So, we have our own event during the holidays & it is a fun opportunity for everyone to give SOMETHING to show support for Options Now & Repeat Boutique!


Time…talents…resources…everyone has something to give.  Here are 7 ideas to get you thinking…


1) Host a donation round-up!

You can help collect diapers & wipes for Options Now, or you can help collect donations for Repeat Boutique…either way, you are helping support the ministry!


2) Challenge your friends to donate with you!

Think “IceBucketChallenge” but without the ice!  Challenge your friends to match your $20 donation to Options Now…or work  to raise a large donation together.  Challenge your coworkers to bring lunch from home for a week & donate what they would have spent on eating out.   Challenge your running buddies to donate $1/mile that they run in December.  Offer to buy the runner with the highest number of miles lunch!


3) Forego one thing

Maybe you swap Christmas gifts with your neighbors every year…suggest that you give a donation to Options Now instead.   Instead of eating out, eat leftovers at home & donate the cost of one restaurant meal.  Instead of giving office Christmas gifts, consider pooling your money to make a donation that can help women & save babies!


4) Volunteer

Giving your time to help, either at Options Now or Repeat Boutique, saves the ministry money & helps all donations go further.  Executive Director Becky Deas figures that the ministry saves $10/hour for every volunteer hour given, and that doesn’t even factor in social security & payroll taxes & other expenses the ministry pays on employees.  So get some friends together & volunteer at Repeat Boutique once a week or coordinate your bible study group to volunteer there one Saturday a month.  Call Maryann Meli at 333-0080 to take a tour & pick up a volunteer packet for Options Now.  Giving your time is valuable to us.


5)  Talents

You love to make pottery & sell it on your Etsy store.  Donate a percentage of your December sales to Options Now.  You have a home-based business…create a special December promotion & let your customers know that a portion of their sale will go to a great cause.  You have a special heart for women & would like to help with our Mothers of Preschoolers Group.  You are a prayer warrior & would like to come pray in our Prayer Room for an hour a week.  You all have special gifts & talents–you can use them at Options Now!


6) In Honor/Memory of

The holidays are difficult for those who have lost a loved one in the past year.  Making a donation in memory of that person would be a special gift for the one who is still grieving.  The same is true for grieving parents who have lost little ones through miscarriage or stillbirth.  Remembering that baby’s life through a donation at Christmas is a priceless reminder to the parents that their little one mattered.  Do you have a granddaughter/daughter/niece/friend who is a former Options Now patient?  Make a donation in honor of her!  Do you have an adopted child whose life is a priceless gift to you?  Make a donation in honor of his or her birth mother, who made a very difficult but brave decision to make a plan for adoption.  Honoring a life through a donation to Options Now is a great way to remember how precious life is.


7) Be creative!

Turn your annual ornament swap party into a donation drive–collect “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments for us to give to patients!  Host a paint party for Options Now & paint little “baby is sleeping” signs to give to patients for baby gifts.  Help your little ones coordinate a bake sale & teach them to be generous by giving their proceeds to Options Now to help babies.  Have a “Happy Birthday Jesus” party & have children bring in new books or small toys for us to give to older siblings who come in with their moms for ultrasound appointments.


The sky’s the limit with these ideas…the important part is that you pick one & tell us about it!  We want to see you posting your #GivingEveryday story on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter & tag O.N. Partners for Life in it (@ONPartners for IG & Twitter).  We cannot wait to see how you are #GivingEveryday!



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