The Rest of the Story…

Stories.  Every patient who comes through our doors has a story.  We typically share brief summaries of patient stories, using pseudonyms, as we ask for prayer on their behalf.  Patients’ stories are complex and the factors that bring them through our doors are multi-faceted.  We are honored to be the keepers of those stories, guarding confidentiality but also gathering prayer on behalf of those whose futures hang in the balance as they struggle between accepting their pregnancy or choosing abortion.  


But sometimes we forget that every donor has a story as well.  We have so many supporters who begin supporting us for so many reasons.  Of course, they all believe in our mission & vision and they all love our work supporting women & changing hearts and lives.  But so many donors have other backstories…whether a relative was a patient at Options Now many years ago or a friend had an abortion that made an impact on a young observer.  A fundraising dinner speaker who passionately captured the heart of an attendee or a pastor who was bold from the pulpit during Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

There are also many different ways that donors support Options Now.  From consistent, monthly donations to in-kind donations from business owners.  Filling a baby bottle with change to give to help women & babies or praying faithfully over prayer warrior emails.  Shopping & donating at Repeat Boutique Thrifts Store, making a donation in memory of a loved one or a miscarried baby, or giving because Options Now helped you in your time of need.  Organizing “baby showers” to collect newborn items for Options Now to give to our patients when their babies are born, or speaking to your congregation on behalf of Options Now during Sanctity of Human Life month.  There are so many ways that so many of you give…will you share your story to encourage others to give?

We’d love to know how you first heard about Options Now and what made you first decide to support us!  Email Laura Knox to share your story at  We want to hear from you!  Every story is unique!


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