Write A Story…Give Life!

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It’s December, and that means we look back over 2015 and ask our donors to give at year end.  We tend to look for the measurable, the statistics, the numbers, as a way to document our “success” in ministry. But sometimes, it’s easy to gloss over statistics & forget that each statistic represents a story.

A woman.

A man.

A baby’s life in the balance.

Grandparents, friends…many lives impacted by this pregnancy. Grad school, pilot training, a promotion in jeopardy. The stories are as varied as the women who walk through our doors. Each number on a bar graph, each percentage on a pie chart represents a life impacted by a woman’s decision to visit Options Now.


Women like Heather, whose story had an unexpected plot twist & she found herself deciding between pregnancy and grad school. After seeing her baby on ultrasound and knowing she had support from Options Now and friends, Heather was able to rewrite her story to include grad school and a baby. It wasn’t easy, but Heather married her boyfriend and began a new story together…one that included the baby who grew into this handsome middle schooler, Maverick:

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Heather’s story continues to be written today, because donors a dozen years ago invested in Options Now.  With Maverick plus 2 other children, a healthy marriage, & a commitment to Christ, Heather’s story today is completely different than it would have been if she had chosen abortion.  Will you help us continue this ministry of rewriting stories? Join us today!


As we help women rewrite their stories, our Choose Now program is taking sexual risk avoidance classes to at-risk youth in the community.  Your gift can help young women develop a healthy sense of self-worth to help keep them from ever needing Options Now’s services.

There is a small window of opportunity during which we can impact a woman like Heather who is on the verge of deciding to abort.  Ultrasound technology helps women see for themselves the truth of life in the womb–and your gift helps these vulnerable mothers see their babies for the very first time.

Patients at Options Now don’t always have an easy, quick path out of the maze of their circumstances.  Your investment offers hurting women the opportunity to find healing and restoration through ongoing supportive services.

Our ultimate goal is to see lives transformed–your kindness provides young families with an environment to experience the love of Jesus.

Join us today–a gift to Options Now is an investment that continues to write stories long after #GivingTuesday, long after 2015 is over…an investment in women through Options Now will resonate for years, generations, and throughout eternity.



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