September 2017–Jayden

We have been working hard to provide a new, updated website and we had hoped it would be ready for our September Calendar update.  Unfortunately, some technical difficulties have pushed our deadline back and subsequent hurricane closures and power outages delayed our calendar story from being released.  We are very sorry for the delay!

by Laura Knox, Options Now staff

This cute little guy showed up bright eyed and ready for his photo shoot with Options Now partner photographer, Wes Sewell.  He was just barely old enough to sit up, so he felt like a big man during this photo shoot!  Mom Tyronda was just out of frame, ready to catch him if needed, but he held his little head up and did great!


Tyronda shared with me that Jayden is a blessing to her, and she’s thankful that she had support during her pregnancy.  Tyronda first came to Options Now in 2012 with her first pregnancy.  She said she received services from pregnancy testing through classes and after birth.  Unfortunately, her first son, S’Quavious, passed away at two years old.  When she found out she was pregnant again, she returned to Options Now to prepare for her second pregnancy in a safe place while still grieving the loss of her first baby.  Options Now has been there for Tyronda through some difficult seasons of life, and we rejoiced with her when Jayden was born.


Tyronda  mentioned in her interview that she appreciated the donors who gave to provide services at no charge to women in her situation.  Would you be part of the team that helps provide services available to women like Tyronda?  Click here to donate and click here for more info on volunteering!

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