Keeper of the Light(bulbs)

As part of our #GivingEveryday campaign, we’re taking some time to highlight Options Now volunteers & the jobs that they do so faithfully.  Today, we want to introduce you to Scott.


Scott Meinbresse is a faithful volunteer for many years, always doing the behind the scenes jobs that may often be overlooked but are very much necessary.  From helping transport thousands of pounds of Baby Bottle Boomerang change to the bank to changing lightbulbs, Scott has always been faithful in his commitment to Options Now.


Recently, Scott sent us this photo after changing the lightbulb in our cupola.  It is such a beautiful reminder of how Options Now stands as a beacon of light in the midst of the darkness.  Only through the work of volunteers & donors like you can our light continue to shine in this community!


Thanks to Scott for his faithful service!  He is definitely #GivingEveryday.  How will you give?

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