Meet Regan

All month, we are highlighting our volunteers & the fantastic jobs they do as part of our #GivingEveryday campaign.  Read on to see how Regan is #GivingEveryday.  How will you give?


Regan is a newer volunteer who offered to give of her time to provide childcare for our Options Now Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group.  This MOPS group is a great new way for Options Now to have long term, lasting impact on patients’ lives as they learn to be mothers.  The group meets about twice a month & gives moms a safe place to be women, to be discipled, and to learn parenting skills as their babies grow.  Women in the group are learning to trust each other & their leaders, and they are learning practical parenting & life skills.  All while being loved, prayed for and with, and encouraged to grow in their parenting skills and in their faith.
As a volunteer, Regan spends 2 hours caring for our group members’ children about twice a month.  She volunteers because she is a mom too & understands how much a mom can sometimes need a break!  We appreciate Regan & the other volunteers who are a positive, Christ-like example to our group members’ children.

Regan is definitely #GivingEveryday.  How will you give?


For more info on getting involved with the MOPS group, contact

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