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Did you ever think that cleaning out your closets could help women & families?

Did you ever think that shopping for clothes could make a difference in someone else’s future?

Our customers & donors aren’t just faces–to us, they’re PARTNERS.

Thank you for partnering with us to help women & families!

24th of May 2017 05:08 PM Link
We have had a huge donation of Adjustable Comfort Mattresses! Come check out these great quality mattresses with dual controls to customize each sleeper's firmness & comfort level.

Box springs included! Free headboard with purchase!

*No delivery available on mattresses. No returns or exchanges.
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23rd of May 2017 11:09 AM Link
Both of our stores have vinyl records--some are really great albums! And some probably aren't on your playlist. but that doesn't mean you can't find something to do with them for Transformation Tuesday! Look at these bookends--so cool for a media room or a music collection!
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23rd of May 2017 11:07 AM Link
On Transformation Tuesday, it doesn't matter what's *in* the frame...what matters is what you've got in mind! We love this pin of a frame turned bulletin board!
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20th of May 2017 02:54 PM Link
Summer is's time to stock up on books!
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20th of May 2017 01:57 PM Link
Free headboard with purchase of a mattress! Our sleep number mattresses are $99.99 for queen & $149.99 for king. Both locations!
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20th of May 2017 12:52 PM Link
Know a teacher? Two huge bulletin boards would be great for a classroom! Northside Drive location
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20th of May 2017 11:52 AM Link
Lots of great ladies shoes! Northside Drive location
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20th of May 2017 10:51 AM Link
Cute, cute little girl clothes! Northside Drive
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20th of May 2017 09:50 AM Link
Know someone having a baby soon? Send them to our Northside Drive location asap!! 422A Northside Drive
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20th of May 2017 09:01 AM Link
Bikes galore! Come see our Northside Drive location for some really great deals!
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19th of May 2017 02:41 PM Link
We have a special little customer who always heads to our book area in our Northside store to say "hi!" To our giraffe. Today, she read the giraffe a few books! Happy Friday from Korie Mae & our giraffe!
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16th of May 2017 11:05 AM Link
One thing we love at Repeat Boutique is when a customer finds a cool way to repurpose something. We even have a Pinterest board devoted to repurposing to help you have creative ideas in mind when you come shopping with us... It's Transformation Tuesday, so come find something to transform!
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9th of May 2017 10:59 AM Link
How cute is this shirt, made from two shirts? Geniuses... Now let's get to work...who's going to join us on the Transformation Tuesday Challenge?
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2nd of May 2017 10:30 AM Link
This is so cute, and it really isn't that hard if you can even sew a *little* bit. Shop our $.59 rack for three pretty colors & let's see what you can come up with! It's Transformation Tuesday!
26th of April 2017 09:50 AM Link
Have you ever seen DIY projects for recovering ottomans? Repeat Boutique has these for $4.99! They are perfect for projects! This one is at Norman Drive.

Here's a link to a DIY reupholstery tutorial!
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25th of April 2017 09:00 PM Link
With graduations & weddings coming up, Options Now has lots of formal wear in store right now! high fashion doesn't have to cost high prices!

These pieces are in our Norman Drive location but both stores have a beautiful selection of formal wear!
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25th of April 2017 08:15 PM Link
This pretty piece is in the Norman Drive store right now--but it won't be for long!
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25th of April 2017 11:02 AM Link
Raise your hand if you're going to make these for your little girl (or yourself!!!)????

Transformation Tuesday is making little girl dreams come true!
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21st of April 2017 11:06 AM Link
This is a gorgeous piece of furniture...come see it up close at 422A Northside Drive!
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20th of April 2017 06:05 PM Link
Our Northside Drive store has a great selection of books--have you checked us out? Come see us this week!
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