October 2017–Rachal

by Laura Knox, Options Now staff

Rachal and her mother and grandmother met me at a public park near their home.  I had requested they each be there, because they each had such a large part to play in Rachal’s story, and I wanted to capture more than just Rachal’s beautiful image.  To see these three women together, laughing and interacting, was so fun…and I enjoyed getting to know them very much.

Rachal’s mother, Stephanie, shared her story with me:

“I got pregnant at the very young age of 15. I was in 8th grade. My grandmother had heard about the Pregnancy support center. With me being so young, we wanted to know what options we had. Abortion was never an option for me, but we did consider adoption. I knew that I wanted to keep Rachal, and the pregnancy support center helped us with that decision by giving us information about things that could help give her the best life and future possible. The staff was very friendly and supportive. I would advise any mother, young or old, that is struggling with decisions to visit Options now. With the support and guidance of my family and the help from the pregnant support center, my daughter is now 18 years old and a senior in high school. She is smart, funny and can brighten any room with her personality.’

Being able to capture a “three generations” photo for this family was a huge blessing for me, and it was a treat to get to see them interacting & loving one another.

Because Rachal’s grandmother had heard about Options Now, Stephanie had the opportunity to receive support in a time when she needed it most.  Stephanie’s mother supported her through the process of making decisions about her future and her baby’s future.  This entire family was involved in this process.  Our Community Relations Director, Deborah Dyer, speaks at many  groups and churches, hoping to plant seeds about Options Now so that when a friend or loved one or daughter or granddaughter needs support, they will know just where to turn.  Would you help us spread the word?  Would you invite Deborah to come share with your bible study group, church, civic organization?  She can be reached at communityrelations@optionsnow.org and she would love to schedule a time to share with your group.


Options Now loves to be there for women like Stephanie who are in crisis, but we also feel a heavy burden to reach young people before they begin making life-altering decisions.  Our Choose Now program is our heart for prevention–to help young people make goals and plans, learn about avoiding risky behavior, and teach decision making and goal setting skills from a young age.  We are thrilled that we were there for Stephanie when she had some difficult decisions to make, but we would love to reach them before they ever come into our office.  As our Choose Now Coordinator, Haley Radney, reaches into school systems and community organizations, would you join us as a volunteer, an educator, even an influencer who can help us make connections in the school systems in our surrounding area?  Contact Haley at haley@ichoosenow.org for more info!

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