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Our #GivingEveryday campaign isn’t just for volunteers who come into our office to counsel women!  Are you involved in a church or community group?  We’d love to have your group be part of what Options Now is doing in the community for women & babies.  The First United Methodist Mothers of Preschoolers group is #GivingEveryday.  How will you give?

MOPS donation


Options Now is dedicated to helping women choose life for their babies.  But what then?  For every obstacle a woman faces in choosing to give life to her child, there are even more obstacles ahead after the baby is born.


Diapers, wipes, clothes…the needs are endless.  To a single mother in an unsupportive situation, the blessing of choosing life can end up causing despair when the baby arrives.  Options Now cannot meet all of a patient’s financial needs, but we are blessed to be able to give diapers & wipes to women when they bring their babies in to meet us.  Along with a baby gift, women are given whatever supplies we can offer. Community & church groups have long had diaper showers for baby showers for Options Now to provide these supplies…these tangible reminders to women that they are loved and not alone.


First United Methodist Church’s Mothers of Preschoolers group recently donated this fantastic supply of diapers & wipes.  This group has long been a partner with Options Now, from giving a large donation to helping with our Baby Bottle Boomerang campaign.  FUMC MOPS has proven that, even in the busiest season of life, everyone can give a little.  Whether it’s time, talents, or resources, FUMC MOPS is #GivingEveryday.  How will you give?

Contact Maryann Meli at 333-0080 to schedule a speaker to come to your group’s meeting and host a baby shower for Options Now!  It’s a fun way to celebrate Life while collecting supplies for Options Now.

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