Kirk Walden wrote a check…here’s why.

What if we could end the need for abortion within the next 10 years? Does that sound like an unattainable goal? Some would say it’s impossible.

Good thing we serve a God of the impossible.  He’s pretty good at bringing hope to hopeless situations.

For years, our ministry friend, Kirk Walden, has been challenging the pro-life community to give, pray, volunteer, & make a difference for life. He has a unique way of breaking complicated issues into simple, step-by-step solutions.

Which is a particularly great strategy for impossible goals.

Kirk sees the long view, and in the case of abortion, he says that pregnancy centers today are becoming a force to be reckoned with. In the beginning of the pro-life movement, “crisis pregnancy centers” were mom & pop establishments with a heart for women but they were not equipped to compete with the abortion machine of Planned Parenthood. Three decades later, these centers have grown to 2500 strong, and many have expanded, like our own Options Now, to offer ultrasounds & testing for sexually transmitted infections. These additional services, beyond the initial pregnancy test, serve as a way to minister to women, build relationship, and incur credibility while standing in the gap for the little one whose life hangs in the balance.


And as these centers have grown, Planned Parenthood has faced many closures. Instead of automatically turning to the profit-greedy Planned Parenthood for help in a crisis, many women are instead finding ministries life Options Now. Instead of the abortion machine, women are finding loving arms, and hope in the face of crisis. God is moving.


So, Kurt Walden suggested, what if pro-life households in the United States gave $25 to a local ministry like Options Now and suggested to their friends that they do the same? Even if only 1 in 5 pro-life households did this, there would be an injection $250 million into ministries like Options Now in just a short time.
Is the impossible so impossible now?

Read all of Kurt’s challenge here…but first, join Kurt in “writing that check” by visiting our donation page today!

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