Joseph–January 2017

Note: When we produced the 2016 calendar, we used patient stories for January and February of 2017. Now that we have produced the 2017 calendar, we have additional stories for January and February of 2017. So, enjoy some extra patient stories to start out the new year! Click here to view more patient stories.

Joseph’s photoshoot was one of our shortest & most exciting–we met partner photographer Chris Fricks from Fricks Photography at Valdosta State’s north campus on the verge of a lightning storm, got some adorable photos, and got out of there!  It was good to catch up with Joseph’s family–you may remember this little guy from the video of his mom, Shea, from a few years back:

We are happy to be able to revisit stories like these as our patients’ children grow–and we are so thankful for supporters who invest in our patients’ lives, families, and futures.  YOU are the reason for these success stories…your financial partnership, volunteer hours, and prayer support make all the difference in these lives.  At the beginning of a new year, consider supporting Options Now by visiting our website.

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