Yasmine–January 2017


Note:  When we produced the 2016 calendar, we used patient stories for January and February of 2017.  Now that we have produced the 2017 calendar, we have additional stories for January and February of 2017.  So, enjoy some extra patient stories to start out the new year!  Click here to view more patient stories.
by Laura Knox, Options Now staff

Sweet Yasmine & her family met us for a quick photo shoot with Wes Sewell of Wes Sewell Photography.  Her mom, Mari, had been a patient years before, and it was great to meet their family in person.  Mari had shared her story in a video made years ago, and it is a great story of redemption, healing, and restoration.  Her story begins at 5:50.

We are so thankful for stories like Mari’s.  We’re thankful for the opportunities God provides for us to help women find healing from abortion, point women toward salvation, and encourage women to marry and build a family.  Not every story is like Mari’s, but God brings women through our doors every single day who are in need of healing, help, & hope.  We are honored to serve women & families in our community.

In 2017, would you consider joining our work?  Volunteering, giving financially, shopping at Repeat Boutique Thrift Stores…all are ways to support our ministry in this new year.  Call Maryann at (229) 333-0080 for more info on getting involved!


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