How will you give?


What is #GivingEveryday?

  • Two years ago, #GivingTuesday began on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, as a way to offset the commercialism of Black Friday & Cyber Monday.  People were encouraged to give to the charity of their choice & share with their friends, using the hashtag #GivingTuesday to encourage others to give that day as well.  (think “Ice Bucket Challenge”)
  • The campaign has been very successful & will no doubt be even larger this year than last.  It has become a way for nonprofits to engage younger, more tech-savvy donors and raise awareness for their causes.
  • However, the #GivingTuesday campaign only focuses on one day.  We want to encourage donors & volunteers to engage more than just once a year.
  • #GivingEveryday is Options Now’s answer to that discrepancy.  We are encouraging people to give time, talents, & treasure, starting now during the holidays & continuing through the entire year!
  • Leading up to December 2 (Giving Tuesday), we have launched a Volunteer Appreciation campaign to highlight volunteers & the jobs they do to give everyday.  We also are encouraging donations during this time, particularly encouraging donors to share their donation with their friends as a “Challenge” to raise funds & awareness for Options Now and our work in the community on behalf of women & babies.

How can I get involved?

  • PRAY!  No campaign is successful that isn’t undergirded with prayer.  We would love for this campaign to be a huge success, garnering new volunteers & donors…but none of that is possible without the Lord going before us & preparing hearts and minds.
  • “Like” and “Share” posts on Facebook (visit our Facebook Page, O.N. Partners for Life, by clicking here).  These posts will highlight our faithful volunteers & all the fantastic work they do around Options Now & Repeat Boutique Thrift Store.
  • These posts will also be on our website…be sure to share with your friends to show them what God is doing through volunteers!
  • Be creative!  If you already volunteer, ask a friend to come with you on a tour & pray that they’ll be moved to volunteer as well.  If you already give, challenge a friend to help you raise a certain amount by the end of the year.  Give a percentage of your sales on December 2 to Options Now.  Coordinate your Sunday School class to volunteer at Repeat Boutique Thrift Store on Saturday.  Throw a “Birthday Party for Jesus” and collect baby supplies for Options Now patients.  Coordinate a baby shower for Options Now for your church group or community group.

  • Whatever you do to help, let others know about it!  Matthew 6:3 says to let your giving be done in secret, but that is so that we do not receive any glory for our giving.  Using your giving as a challenge to others, planting seeds & giving them ideas so that they can take that first step toward giving, volunteering, & getting involved in God’s work at Options Now!

How are you #GivingEveryday?  Tell us below!

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