Don’t Let Culture Define You

You don’t have to let culture determine your beauty or your view of yourself.  Sometimes, we let the trends of our culture decide whether we, as women, are “beautiful” or not.  This article from Verily highlights a very good point:

The truth is, no body type is perfect or should be held above another. Every body is individual.

Click on the photo to watch the video from Buzzfeed….

If there could be one thing that I would want to show every single woman in my life, it would be the video in this article.  Beauty is so unique, but our culture squishes women into a mold in each era.  We don’t have to bow to some cookie-cutter notion of beauty.  We can each be beautiful TODAY, regardless of what culture thinks of our body type or style.
So, go be you today!  (And seriously…watch the video)

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