Chanielle’s Story

This is a story you don’t want to miss. This is a video that we have been trying to share for a decade.

This is a story worth sitting down for.

Chanielle was our patient when she was in college, and her story is remarkable. We made a video of her sharing her story to be shown at a fundraising dinner 10 years ago. That video malfunctioned, and Chanielle had to stand up in front of hundreds of people and try to share her incredible story on the spot.

We revisited her story this year for our fundraising dinner, so excited to share this powerful story with our audience. Would you believe there was an audio malfunction that prevented nearly 600 guests from hearing the most powerful parts of her story? Chanielle stood up with grace & poise and said, “Well, this happened 10 years ago…” She spoke briefly, but the majority of the story had been missed.

We believe the enemy doesn’t want us to share Chanielle’s story. But, we believe her story is powerful and will change lives.

So…are you ready for this story?

After a story like that, we invite you to respond.

  • Your response may be to come volunteer to help women in Chanielle’s shoes.
  • You may not be able to give of your time, but you can clean out closets and toy boxes to give a donation to Repeat Boutique Thrift Stores.
  • Your response may be to organize a baby drive for newborn outfits, diapers, wipes, and small toys for us to give our moms gift bags when their babies are born.
  • Your response may be to make a donation to help keep our services free of charge to women.
  • Or maybe you’ve walked out of an abortion clinic like Chanielle, only your story didn’t have a happy ending.  We want to invite you to our Abortion Recovery Care classes, which are open to men & women across our community, to help you find healing in this area of your heart.  Email for more details on this one-on-one curriculum.

Whatever your response, you cannot watch this story without being changed.  Share this video with others–tell others about Chanielle’s amazing story!

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