Starting this Weekend…Share Your Change For Life!

Since 2004, Options Now has distributed thousands of baby bottles to area churches. Once filled, the bottles return to the Clinic and every penny is used to provide free services to women in our community. Previously known as “The Baby Bottle Boomerang,” the Change For Life campaign will again make its debut on Mother’s Day and conclude on Father’s Day. Over 50 churches have signed up to participate, and we are excited to see how God will use this year’s campaign to touch lives in our community!

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We have bulletin inserts available this year…click on the image to visit our Resources page.

Change for Life is not an easy fundraiser–it takes a great deal of time & effort to distribute, retrieve, and sort change, bills, and checks to be taken to the bank. Church liaisons take information from Options Now to their churches…and it takes lots of volunteers to sort money when the bottles return. Is it worth it? Absolutely, because no other fundraiser provides such immense community awareness of Options Now!


Over the past 11 years, the program has grown and the intangible benefits of the campaign continue to increase. Supporting churches and the families who attend them focus on the sanctity of human life for just a bit longer than normal. By camping out on the topic for a few weeks, church members have an opportunity to soak up the importance of the issue and our responsibility to make a difference in our community–to make a Change for Life!

  • Families picking up baby bottles at church are able to teach their children the value of giving, the importance of sacrifice, and the importance of protecting the unborn and supporting women in difficult situations.
  • We have been humbled by children who sold lemonade or artwork to raise money for Options Now–to fill their baby bottle and give sacrificially on behalf of our patients and their babies. Even without having a concept of the issue of abortion, the youngest child can take a baby bottle home, pray for the baby whose name is on the prayer tag, and give from their hearts. This is the beauty of Change for Life.
  • Youth groups have set up change wars…girls vs. boys, discipleship group vs. discipleship group, etc. to see who could raise the most money for Options Now.
  • Churches have challenged themselves to take more bottles each year or beat their own record for giving from the previous year.
Our Prayer Room was full of baby bottles last week–pray that these bottles would go out into the community to bring a huge Change for Life!

Change For Life has grown in 11 years from a small effort bringing in several thousand dollars to a major portion of our operating budget, bringing in enough change, bills, and checks last year to save 25 lives!  Together, this amount can increase in 2015 to help fund additional medical services to reach more women in ourcommunity. Each church…each family…each little child is important in reaching Options Now’s goal of changing and saving lives. Just by filling a bottle, you can save babies and change women’s lives.

What can you do to get involved?

  • Find out if your church is participating in Change For Life.  Ask your pastor, local missions coordinator, or Options Now church liaison (interested in being a church liaison?  Email for more details!)
  • Pick up a bottle on Mother’s Day.
  • Fill your bottle–change, cash, or checks all work great!
  • OR, consider text-to-give by texting a dollar amount to 229-442-9083.  Follow the prompts to make your donation via your phone.  (it’s quick, easy, and you don’t have to remember to bring your bottle back!)
  • Bring your bottle back before Father’s Day so we can count up how much money your church was able to raise to make a Change for Life.  Last year, all churches together raised enough money to save 25 babies!  That is a huge impact on our community!
  • Remember that your pocket change, combined with other faithful donors’ pocket change…adds up to real lives saved & real lives changed.

Together, we can make a change in our community–a Change for Life!

Remember to visit our Resources Page for graphics & presentations you can use in churches!

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