2 Critical Ways Repeat Boutique Volunteers Make a Huge Impact

Did you know that the Repeat Boutique Thrift Store directly impacts Options Now?


A lot of people don’t realize their donations to Repeat Boutique are sold to directly support Options Now’s vision in the community. After covering our overhead and expenses, all net profits from the Repeat Boutique go directly to Options Now. Even though the Repeat Boutique is a business,  we depend on volunteers for a couple of critical reasons:`

1) Donations stack up quickly at Repeat Boutique.

With faithful supporters dropping off leftovers from a yard sale, the contents of that spare closet, or the remainder of a family member’s estate, it is easy for our donation receiving area to become overloaded. When our donation area gets clogged, it takes much longer to get items to the sales floor. And let’s be honest–the only way that donated items can make a difference for Life is if they are on the sales floor to be SOLD! So, the more volunteers we have in the store, the more likely our donated items will be quickly put on the sales floor rather than spending time in a receiving bin, waiting to be sorted and priced.

RBTS receiving door
Friendly volunteers are always needed to help staff members like Angela at the donation receiving door. Simply by greeting donors and helping them unload donations, you are actually helping women and babies in our community!


2) Volunteers help reduce overhead.

Repeat Boutique Thrift Store always seeks to be a good steward of the donations we receive. The more we pay in employee salary and taxes, the less net profit we’re able to contribute to Options Now’s operating budget. That’s where volunteers make a world of difference. We estimate that every volunteer hour saves the ministry approximately $10 in operating expenses. That means that a volunteer who spends just 4 hours a week volunteering at Repeat Boutique can effectively save Repeat Boutique over $1,900 in staff overhead. That’s $1,900 that can be directed to Options Now’s operating budget instead of being spent on staff pay. Did you know that Options Now estimates that, from start to finish, it only costs $1800 to serve a patient who is abortion minded…which means a woman who comes to Options Now planning to abort will receive free services based on her needs…from pregnancy testing to ultrasound to sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing…she will be shown respect, compassion, and God’s love…and more often than not, she changes her mind and a baby’s life is also saved. So maybe you don’t have $1,900 in resources you can donate to Options Now, but you may have 4 hours a week in time. Just 4 hours a week, consistently given, to help sort & price donations makes a world of difference in the life of a baby whose life was spared because his or her mother was given accurate information and support in her most vulnerable moment!

RBTS truck
Volunteers provide extra help in the store so that staff can be free to offer pickup service for larger donations.


Repeat Boutique Thrift Store is an often-overlooked arm of the Options Now ministry, and we are always looking for more ministry-minded volunteers to help us in our mission to love and help women in their most vulnerable moments. Options Now volunteers meet face-to-face with women in crisis to help navigate difficult life decisions, but Repeat Boutique volunteers help ensure that Options Now’s doors remain open and services remain free of charge to women in our community.

YOU can make a difference for Life by volunteering at Repeat Boutique Thrift Store! For more information, call Maryann Meli at 333-0080 or email maryann@optionsnow.org for more details on getting started! Join us in this life-saving work!

Whether you give time, talents or resources, TOGETHER, we make a difference for Life!

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