Baby Bottle Boomerang 2014 Begins Soon!

Do you have spare pocket change? Then you can give your Change 4 Life!



Every year, from Mother’s Day through Father’s Day, churches & civic organizations have a chance to join Options Now’s mission by collecting spare pocket change, cash, and checks in baby bottles to help fund the ministry’s annual budget.  In addition to financially supporting the ministry, each bottle has a baby’s name on it & prayer requests for that baby & his or her family.  By participating in Baby Bottle Boomerang, you can join our life-affirming work in a tangible way!


How can you help?

  • Ask your church office if your church is participating in Baby Bottle Boomerang.  If not, offer to be a liaison between your church and Options Now.
  • Call to reserve your baby bottles by calling (229) 333-0080.
  • Share Options Now’s mission with your congregation between Mother’s Day & Father’s Day
  • Pick up a bottle at your church, fill it up, and pray for the baby whose name is on the prayer card.
  • Return the bottle by Father’s Day & wait for an update on how spare change can add up to lives saved!


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