A Message about Valentine’s Day from Choose Now


Valentine’s Day is one day out of 365 days that restaurants, flower shops, candy stores, and media tells us that we MUST celebrate love; love that comes from attraction and compatibility. Valentine’s Day tells us that this day of love is the most important. This. Is. False.


Love is to be valued and expressed everyday. Even if you do not have “someone special,” showing love and encouraging someone is what we are called to do as Christians. Every morning when we wake up, we should choose to love that day. Options Now believes in a love greater than attraction, affection, or presents. This is the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.


With cell phones, social media, and sensual music being a part common culture for teenagers, Christians are finding it hard to stand out and stand up for their morals in relationships and friend groups! Choose Now, our sister non- profit, hosted The Silver Ring Thing for the 250 middle and high school age students on January 22, 2016. This night brought high- energy music, relevant skits and a teaching that changed lives. The young adults leading the conference shared all of the great reasons to wait to have sex and how glorifying it is to God when you only share that intimacy with your spouse within the context of marriage. Silver Ring Thing communicated that not guarding your heart in a relationship will lead to heart ache and pain. Making good decisions in a dating relationship and placing a high value on waiting to have sex until marriage were two key values stressed.


The middle and high school age students were able to make decisions to stay pure and wait until marriage and 63 purity rings were purchased to symbolize their commitment. We also celebrate the 34 people who gave their lives to Christ!


So whether your desire is to be in a relationship, or you are in one, this Valentine’s Day, make a conscious effort to examine what kind of love you have and the choices you are making in the context of your relationships. Seeking acceptance from the world will never satisfy, but resting in the love of the Lord will ALWAYS satisfy.


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