What can YOUR $50 do?

Elizabeth was a junior in college with her entire life ahead of her & doors open wide to her future.  A positive pregnancy test did not fit into her plans.  How could she complete her degree and continue to graduate school–with a baby?  The decision was made and the nose of her car pointed south to Jacksonville.  Her boyfriend accompanied her, waited in the car, gave her the money for the procedure.  Inside the abortion clinic, Elizabeth found out that a medical condition required her to have a shot that would cost an additional $50.  As she walked out to the car for the extra money, resolve melted & the couple returned home.  Elizabeth came to Options Now through the advice of a classmate, saw her baby on ultrasound, and decided not to return to Jacksonville.  For lack of $50, a life was spared and a family was begun.  Wedding plans replaced abortion plans.  For lack of $50, a healthy, adorable 9 pound baby Elliott was given a chance at life.

Fifty extra dollars in the hands of a 20 year old in a crisis would have changed the ending of this story.

What can fifty extra dollars do in the hands of a ministry dedicated to speaking truth and giving hope to women in Elizabeth’s position?

What will your $50 do?

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