24th Annual Fundraising Dinner Highlights

Tuesday Night, Options Now hosted our 24th Annual Fundraising Dinner at Rainwater Conference Center.  Over 550 people were in attendance to enjoy a wonderful meal, hear updates from ministry leaders, and be challenged by our guest speaker.

Becky Deas, Executive Director, and Dr. Jon Krispin, Board Chair, shared encouraging statistics from 2014–214 births recorded of babies whose mothers had entered Options Now in a vulnerable position that made them likely to abort.  This number is up significantly from Options Now’s statistics over the past few years.  God is at work, and it is an exciting time to join Him!

  • The beautiful arrangements below display 214 red roses (“Red Rose Birth” is our term for a baby whose mother chose life after being abortion vulnerable).
  • The arrangements also highlight 7 yellow roses for women in the community who completed our Abortion Recovery Program in 2014 (these women are church members, community members, volunteers, patients…anyone who desires healing from a past abortion.  It is completely confidential and life-changing.  Contact tammy@optionsnow.org today for more info).
  • 2 Pink Roses represent patients who made a plan for adoption in 2014, choosing life for their babies and making an incredible sacrifice to give their babies a better situation than they could currently provide.
  • 1 White Rose represents one woman who made a commitment to Christ or a recommitment.
Dr. Jon Krispin shares a Board perspective at Tuesday night’s annual fundraising dinner.

Guest speaker Kirk Walden (we’ve written about him here and here) is a long-time friend of the pregnancy ministry movement, having been a center director and now helping centers across the U.S. grow to be a “wall for life” across the nation.  He spoke from his heart, encouraging attendees that the idea of eradicating abortion in our nation is not that far-fetched.  Citing that in 1980, there were over 2000 abortion clinics and just 200 pregnancy ministries…but the latest stats show just 700 abortion clinics and nearly 3000 pregnancy ministries. As love and compassion spring up across the nation, abortion clinics are closing.  The tide is turning, and abortion rates are going down in our nation.

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Kirk Walden, guest speaker, encouraged & challenged the audience.

These positive trends aren’t just nationwide…Options Now has begun sexually transmitted infection testing, offering women another needed service while giving our staff nurses yet another opportunity to speak truth into their lives regarding their risky behavior & longterm consequences.  Options Now is also expanding our WaitNow training to reach into the community and bring a message of sexual integrity and purity into the lives of young people in South Georgia.  Our prayer is that we can reach students before they end up in our office in crisis.  These are big visions, but we serve a bigger God!

Walden encouraged and entertained attendees with stories from his ministry experiences and from his personal life.  He challenged our audience to partner with Options Now, to usher in a cultural transformation in South Georgia, and to invest in eternal work with lasting results.

Here are some photos from the evening–and if you weren’t able to attend and would like to partner with Options Now for 2015, please visit our Giving Page and join us!

Ann Brady, Options Now volunteer, performed a beautiful song.
Staff Nurse & WaitNow Coordinator Rochell Stogin & Center Director Maryann Meli welcomed guests to the dinner.
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Executive Director Becky Deas & Repeat Boutique Thrift Store Manager Robin DeRocco
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Executive Director, Becky Deas… Options Now Volunteer, Ann Brady… Guest Speaker, Kirk Walden
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Executive Director, Becky Deas… Guest Speaker, Kirk Walden… Community Relations Director & coordinator of the Annual Fundraising Dinner, Marilois Campa
checkin 4
Options Now Staff & Volunteers helped guests check in
Decorations for the event: You + Options Now + a woman who no longer feels alone = Life

Won’t you join us as we reach more women, men, and babies in 2015?  Give today!

Interested in volunteering?  Email maryann@optionsnow.org for more details!

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